The products are made available Fresh or frozen, depending on the special needs of the customer,

in various types of packaging


Pork gyros special

100% Finely minced belly from the best slaughtering enterprises of Europe.

Fine and light marinade, ideal to highlight the taste of meat, without covering it.

With the conviction that quality meat does not need intense spices, but can satisfy the customer with their freshness and tastefulness, Vittos Family created its Pork Gyros as sound product as regards quality, which became Gold with a lot of passion and continuous work, for the meat world and in the hearts of our customers.

A golden and delicious gyros which fills the platter of the steakhouse, with its delicious and juicy slices.

Our gyros is also available in the type

Classic (Belly - Brisket)

Its forte is

For the owner of the steakhouse

Its performance!

For the consumer

Its irresistible taste and its light composition, they can eat it with all their heart!

Vittos Family declares to be proud for this product it created and it thanks wholeheartedly the people who have supported it in order to become Gold!!!!


Another Awarded product of us! It is made daily from fresh and selected Greek chicken, with a lot of passion, under excellent conditions.

It is available in two wonderful tastes, in order to satisfy even our most demanding customers:


For the lovers of taste! Marinade with a basis of paprika and coriander, a slightly spicy and full taste.


With a basis of mustard for those who really love roast chicken. Light and rich taste, golden composition. A gyros with identity that can match with various sauces.


Pork neck 100%, light marinade which gives an aftertaste of lemon and a lot of passion are the ingredients that compose the pork souvlaki of the company Vittos Family.

Selected pieces of Dutch and Danish pork neck from the best slaughtering enterprises of Europe are tenderized and marinated in the best conditions of hygiene and cut by experienced experts by modern equipment.

Two times a week a tasting test is conducted, in random batches of final product and once a week in raw material, ensuring that the organoleptic characteristics of the product remain consistent and unaltered each time.

It is available in the following types of cut


Machine flat

Machine cube

Machine Steak-stick


We daily select the most fresh and delicious Greek chicken, in order to make the most tasty and juicy chicken souvlaki.

Breast fillet or leg fillet, with or without pepper, composite a souvlaki which is light and full of taste.

It is available in the following types of cut


Machine flat

Machine Steak-stick

Machine cube


Politiko stick (Kebab type)




It is available in the following types


Filled with Philadelphia cheese



It is available in the following types

Mixed pork – veal burger

Veal burger

Chicken burger